Creating a new place
Centrale & Piazza Centrale

Luštica Bay on the Luštica Peninsula in Montenegro, is a well established leisure destination. As it has grown in popularity, it has needed to provide homes for extensive support staff as well as year round residents, and amenities to service them. This has lead the the creation of Centrale — a town within the resort, with restaurants, banks, shops, schools and everything for the day to day.

At the heart of Centrale is the Piazza Centrale — a public square and event space, where the lifestyle districts of Centrale and Luštica Bay overlap. This blending of uses and people was the inspiration for the brand mark, which in turn evolved into a series of beautiful and dynamic illustrations that inject life into the campaign assets, from hoardings and advertising, to brochures and animations on social media and film.

Everything is underpinned by a simple promise. Centrale. For Every Day at Luštica Bay.