Get deep into your discomfort zone
Red Spot by Woulfe

Red Spot by Woulfe is a popup lounge at the 2023 Decorex trade show, by renowned interior designer Brian Woulfe.

The theme is the sometimes uncomfortable conversations that can take place with clients when you’re invited into their private lives. Red Spot by Woulfe is certainly designed to provoke response: part sex club, part gallery, part burlesque lounge bar, it’s a showcase of world class interior design, and also a place to go to get into your discomfort zone.

When we were asked to create an identity for the space, embarrassment and uncertainty became our starting point, and the idea of the Red Spot was born. Using a bold colour palette, provocative imagery and subtle (and not so subtle) innuendo, Red Spot is a place that will leave its mark on visitors as they explore for themselves how far it too far, and when we cross the line into too much information.